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What's been happening recently ? We will post snippets here every now and then ... you an also check out the Kings of Kangaroo Ground Facebook page for more news ... we tend to post pics there of what is happening around the place.

July 2017 - Wine Show Season

Well, the Web site project has been delayed somewhat, so time to update on this year's Wine Show season.

And the big news is that in our first venture into an International Wine Show at the 2017 Shanghai International Wine Challenge, "two blokes in a shed" from Kangaroo Ground received a GOLD medal for our (unreleased) 2015 Pedersen Cabernet Sauvignon and a SILVER medal for our (unreleased) 2015 Avondale Shiraz ... are we stoked ? HELL YEAH ....

And in local Wine Show news, the Cabernet also received a GOLD medal at the 2017 Melbourne International Wine Competition and the Shiraz received a GOLD medal at the 2017 Cairns Wine Show.

So for the obvious question, when can I buy these wines ? Well, we are just working on that, stay tuned. In terms of released wines, our little aussie battler, the 2015 Shiraz Cabernet also receive a GOLD medal at the 2017 Cairns Wine Show and you can buy as much of that as you like ! Go nuts ...

And there will be more news of awards, perhaps from Winestate Magazine at the end of July - watch this space !

November 2016 - Is It Really Nearly Summer ?

It's been a cool, wet spring, which means the vines have been slow to get going, but the canopy is rapidly filling out. And with some hot, dry weather ahead, it's back into the vineyard to keep things tidy.

We attended the 2016 Hong Kong Wine Fair for 3 days to explore opportunities for export of our wine into China - very early days, but make some interesting contacts to followup over the next few months.

And the wine show circuit has drawn to a close, with our 2014 Heathcote Shiraz and our 2013 Heathote Shiraz both collecting SILVER medals at the Victorian Wines Show. Special mention to our newly release 2015 Pinot Noir for a SILVER medal at the Australian Small Winemakers Show. It's been a big show season for Kings, with some lovely wines ready to show next year, so stay tuned.

September 2016 - Spring Has Sprung


It's been a busy winter with two vineyards to prune, but we got there and budburst is not in full swing. Running a bit late in the winery, with 2015 reds to move out of oak and prepare for bottling and 2016 reds waiting for their turn in the barrels. All done now and we'll start bottling runs as time permits.

Starting to ready for Open Cellars of The Artisan Hills (formerly known as Open Cellars of Nillumbik) on 15-16 October, always a big weekend at Kings - for further information see www.opencellars.com.au

August 2016 - The Shows Continue

A big couple of weeks for us ... at the 2016 Australia/NZ Boutique Wine Awards our (yet to be release) 2014 Heathcote Shiraz picked up a GOLD medal to follow on from it's 4 stars in Winestate Magazine's New Release tasting. Our 2013 Heathcote Shiraz picked up another BRONZE which was also pleasing.

And at the 2016 Cowra Show in the first week of August, our 2014 Heathcote Shiraz also picked up its second GOLD medal, making it the first Kings wine to receive double Gold since the famous 2004 Di Paolo Cabernet. We are also very happy that our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded a deserved SILVER medal as we think this wine continues to develop nicely in the bottle. And to round things off, our little Aussie battler the 2015 The Pearler picked up a BRONZE medal. A big week for us at Cowra !

July 2016 - Wine Show Season

The Wine Show season is upon us again ... our 2014 Pinot Noir has picked up another gong, being awarded SILVER at the 2016 Cairns Wine Show - hasn't quite snagged that elusive gold, but this wine continues to impress show judges.

(Footnote - we never really highlighted here that our 2014 Thirteen31 Pinot Noir appeared in the 2016 Annual Edition of Winestate Magazine as equal top in it's price category for Pinot across Australia/NZ - gotta be happy with that ....)

Meanwhile, pruning continues ... you can follow our vineyard exploits best on Instagram or Facebook.

May 2016 - It's Winter Warmers Time

Here at Kings, Winter Warmers are becoming a bit of a tradition - 6 packs of selected reds we put together at a special price to warm the cockles of your heart over winter. For 2016, we have a Premium 6 pack of our best reds and a Value 6 pack for the more budget conscious.  Winter Warmers are a great way to sample a range our of wines, so check out our Winter Warmers 2016 page in the Wine Shop section.

March 2016 - The Vintage That Was

It was one of the strangest seasons we have experienced for growing wine grapes - a hot dry summer across Victoria meant that our Heathcote fruit arrived in the winery in late February, which is unprecendented. A tough season in Heathcote with the endless heat and no rain after Christmas.

On our Kangaroo Ground estate we watched the fruit very closely, deciding to harvest on 2nd March just before a bout of Autumn heat was due to set in. Vintage 2016 was a fabuous crop with the hot weather meaning that disease was not a problem and with a strong canopy allowing the vines to hang on we had the best crop for many years - nearly 13 tonnes of Pinot and Chardonnay.

The Indian summer will mean that wine making will be a challenge over the next few weeks.