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We are committed to sustainable practices at Kings of Kangaroo Ground, both in the vineyard and in our winemaking practices.

In the vineyard we employ the following practices:

  • We only work on the vines by hand, including winter and summer pruning
  • We don't burn our prunings, they are mulched back into the soil
  • We only irrigate when absolutely necessary at the height of summer heat
  • We don't fertilise our soil, the rich volcanic soil provides all that the vines need
  • We don't use pesticides in the vineyard, most insects are our friends
  • We always pick the fruit by hand


In the winery, the philosophy is minimal handling to let the fruit express itself in the wine ... most of the winemaking processes are done by hand, with our crusher/destemmer, bag press and pump being the main pieces of equipment used to make the wine.

We use cultured yeasts and nutrients in our ferments, with only the minimal additional of preservative 220 (sulphur dioxide) used during winemaking.

We do not use egg, fish or animal products at all in our winemaking, all wines are clarified by natural settling and filtering, so all wines are vegan compliant.

Over time we are working to understand our carbon footprint, with the objective of being demonstrably carbon neutral within a few years.